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One-to-One Graduate Career Coaching

Our one-to-one coaching transforms your career prospects with lifelong skills gained through personal mentorship, practical tasks and an introduction to a network of contacts.

What you will gain:

  • The right graduate job, not just any job. Guaranteed.
  • Life-long career skills and a network of contacts.
  • Continued career mentoring after you land your job.

What our career coaching helps you achieve

Access the knowledge and the expertise of the UK's No. 1 UK Career Consultants.

The return on this investment is not just the right graduate job.

You gain a competitive advantage over your peers and skills that money alone can’t buy, such as:

  • A career that is uniquely right for you.
  • An understanding of how organisations and markets behave.
  • How to become interview- and presentation-proficient.
  • Confidence, self-esteem and a sense of purpose.
  • Long-term career satisfaction and fulfilment.
Chris Davies, the UK's leading interview coach

The Coaching Programme

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Learning about yourself

What’s covered?
  • Fact-finding to discuss your career preferences.
  • Emotional Intelligence assessments to uncover your personal drivers.
  • Skills audit assessment to uncover your work-related skills and experience.
  • Self-belief and confidence development, which continues throughout your coaching.

We deliver our career coaching sessions from our London Victoria office and / or online.

The first stage of our coaching gives you a better understanding of your preferences and your strengths. We review your academic career, work experience, and your overall experience of life so far. What you learn at this stage will help you to choose the right career and help you to answer interview questions about what makes you tick.

Much of this work is done by listening to you to discover where you think your talents lie, but we may also canvass the views of your friends and family, to hear what they think you’re good at. We want to understand where you excel and what you want from life, so that we can help you to find your ‘career sweet spot’. At the end of this stage, you will have gone through arguably the most important experience of self-discovery a young adult can undertake. It will enable you to talk about your skills with confidence.

Once you have worked out who you are, what drives you and which work-related skills you possess, you will begin to understand the possibilities open to you. You will be then ready for Stage Two.

Creating a career plan

What’s covered?
  • The skills required to be successful in your chosen career, and any gaps you have.
  • The nine essential employability skills every employer looks for in a new hire, and how to develop them.
  • Help to organise work experience or internships, so you develop the skills you need.
  • Which of the type of industries that suit you are growing and which are in decline.
  • Personalised career map to point you in the direction of thriving industries, to ensure rapid progression of your career.

We deliver our career coaching sessions from our London Victoria office and / or online.

Along with a better understanding of yourself comes a better understanding of which careers and industries will most suit you. This is what we call your ‘career sweet spot’. Once we know what this is, we can create a career plan to get you there. This will require ongoing work and fine-tuning as you continue to grow and learn more about yourself.

At this stage we will employ another of UK Career Consultants unique tools: an interactive document that works out the details of your chosen graduate career and then matches your skills to that career. Not only will we map out steps to a career that matches your abilities, but also a career that offers the best opportunities for progression, salary increases and enjoyable work. This will help you feel much more optimistic about your future.

This stage will leave you feeling confident about what sort of career is likely to suit you and the immediate steps you need to take to work towards it. By the end you will be equipped to write your new work-ready CV, cover letter and professional LinkedIn profile, plus fill in any application forms you need to apply for jobs. We’ll help you create these in Stage Three.

Creating your CV, cover letter and LinkedIn profile

What’s covered?
  • Discussions to expand on the skills audit for your CV.
  • Creating a fully tailored CV exhibiting relevant skills and experience.
  • Creating tailored cover letters.
  • Reviewing LinkedIn profile and making necessary enhancements.

We deliver our career coaching sessions from our London Victoria office and / or online.

Now you are ready to write a CV, cover letters and a LinkedIn profile that tell a compelling and consistent story about who you are, what you want and what you can do. All three will have a clear focus on the type of career that is going to suit you best.

Creating these documents is not just about listing your qualifications and the jobs you’ve had. It isn’t simply about a nicely formatted CV free of spelling or grammatical mistakes. We’ll help you emphasise the job-specific skills employers want, such as what makes you stand out and the value you bring to their organisation. Your CV will help you persuade an employer that you want and can do the job you’re applying for.

By the end of Stage Three you will have a CV, cover letters and a LinkedIn profile that make you look professional, experienced and equipped for any suitable position you apply for. The aim is to get you on the first step to achieving your career goals, so that you can begin to apply for jobs.

Applying for jobs

What’s covered?
  • How to find the right job opportunities and internships.
  • How to build and manage a network of your own.
  • Internship and job opportunities within the UK Career Consultants network.
  • How to work well with recruiters.
  • Maintaining confidence and persevering.
  • Looking for higher salary jobs.

We deliver our career coaching sessions from our London Victoria office and / or online.

With your CV up to scratch, cover letters drafted and LinkedIn profile complete, it’s time to start applying for jobs. Together, we will discuss ways to find the right opportunities. UK Career Consultants’s extensive network of recruiters, head-hunters and employers will be very helpful at this stage.

It’s an intense stage this one, because it’s about getting yourself out there. Even so, with a well-written CV, cover letter and LinkedIn profile now working for you, you will have done a lot of the important groundwork. We will provide you with plenty of support during the applications process. Stage Five will get you prepared for those interviews.

Interview coaching

What’s covered?
  • Updating your skills audit to prove you can do the job.
  • Extensive coaching on our signature interview technique (Can, Want, Empathy, Questions).
  • How to speak confidently and passionately about your strengths.
  • How to thoroughly research a company.
  • How to ask insightful questions.
  • Mock interviews to simulate interview conditions.
  • Preparing for assessment days, and telephone and group interviews.
  • Online video interviewing practice.
  • Full analysis and feedback on your progress.

We deliver our career coaching sessions from our London Victoria office and / or online.

Many of our coaching techniques employ analogies and stories from the careers and experiences of our coaches. These help you to both absorb and apply the job-winning methods you learn and to get them working for you.

You will get plenty of mock interview practice to help you become pitch perfect and confident in front of any employer. This stage can also be booked on its own as one-to-one interview coaching. This can work well if you primarily need help with your job interview skills, such as reducing interview nerves and increasing interview fluency. You’ll still get the same rigorous coaching and support to help you become pitch perfect at interviews.

Be prepared for the process to take some time. This will be particularly true when interviewing for jobs at so-called ‘blue chip’ companies. These firms usually demand three and, sometimes, four interview stages before deciding whether or not to hire a candidate. In the end, though, it all boils down to one thing: attending an interview is no different from a new business pitch. It’s a pitch, and preparation is vital. You have to ask better questions, do better research on the company and its competitors, and better understand what is likely to go through interviewers’ minds than anyone else.

This stage – taking you to what we describe as ‘Pitch Perfection’ – will give you a thorough understanding of the dynamics of job interviews. Let’s now move onto Stage Six.

Job coaching and mentoring

What’s covered?
  • Mentoring to ensure excellent job performance.
  • Handling the office environment.
  • Passing probation.
  • Career progression: getting promoted and when to move on.
  • Negotiating pay rises and promotions.
  • Building your professional network and networking effectively.

We deliver our career coaching sessions from our London Victoria office and / or online.

In Stages One to Five, we work extensively with you until you land a highly suitable graduate-level job. During Stage Six, we will continue to coach you after you land that job. We mentor all the graduates we coach, for as long as they require.

It can be difficult to get ahead in your career without the right people around you. You need people who see your potential and are willing to invest the time needed to help you develop in the right direction. That’s what you’ll receive during Stage Six of your coaching journey. As Chris says, ‘The quickest way to learn and thrive is to surround yourself with people who are brighter and farther down the career road than you. It’s an additional bonus when they also believe in you and are as committed to your success as we are’.

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Testimonials from parents

'Chris secured both of our children great jobs'

As parents of two children leaving University, we were concerned about how they would make the transition from University life into the working world while we were pursuing Expat careers overseas.
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- Parents of Pete and Annabelle

'Chris' recommendations really paid off'

Chris helped my son tremendously with job search and interview technique. The interview coaching was for both face to face and telephone interviews. He was very helpful at providing input about potential companies...
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- Parent of Ian M

'I would recommend Chris to any parent'

My daughter graduated from university and moved to London expecting to gain a career in publishing. We had expected her to secure a position reasonably easily as she had attained a very good degree, not so. She was...
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- Frances, Parent of Emma

The onboarding process

We will fully support you throughout your entire career Coaching Programme until you land your graduate job and we will continue to mentor you until you find your feet. You can take the first step right now, which is to get in touch with us.

  • Step 1: Fill out this form – it will take less than 2 minutes.
  • Step 2: Chris Davies will speak with parents and/or graduates – this call is free of charge.
  • Step 3: Come to our London Victoria office (or Skype session) for a face-to-face consultation.
  • Step 4: Receive a bespoke coaching plan.
  • Step 5: Commence Coaching Programme – we will coach you until you land your graduate-level job and beyond.

Chris Davies

Meet your UK Career Consultants

You will be coached by Chris Davies, who is acknowledged to be Britain’s No.1 UK Career Consultants. His achievements include:

  • Over a decade of experience and a track record of getting over 5000 graduates into jobs.
  • Highly successful careers in magazine publishing, advertising and marketing.
  • Writing award-winning publications The Student Book and The Graduate Book.


Chris Davies


Five-stage Coaching Programme: £15,000
£9,000 on commencement
£6,000 on success

Six-stage Coaching Programme: £18,000
£9,000 on commencement
£6,000 on success
£3,000 for mentoring

Bespoke Coaching Programme available. Please contact us. Price TBD.

We guarantee a graduate-level job to every candidate who signs up for our five-stage and six-stage programmes.

Our Six-stage Coaching Programme includes three years of mentoring.

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